Hall of Fame Criteria for Induction

I.      Who May Be Nominated

A)     Athletes

B)     Coaches

C)     Administrators/Contributors

D)    Teams

E)     Posthumous Candidates

II.     Selection Criteria

A)     Athletes (must meet all criteria in this category)

  • Must be 5 years removed from completing athletic eligibility
  • Must have played a minimum of 2 years at BU
  • One or more of the following: All-American, All-District/Region, All-Conference, BU Athlete of the Year
  • Graduate of Bellevue University** (See Footnote)

B)     Coaches (must meet all criteria in this category)

  • Career accomplishments at BU
  • Overall contribution to BU Athletic Department: Conference Championships, Graduation rates
  • Must be 5 years removed from Coaching at BU
  • Left BU in good standing

C)     Administrators/Contributors (must meet one or more criteria in this category)

  • Accomplishments in promoting and supporting BU Athletics
  • Volunteer work, donations, fund raising
  • Left BU in good standing

D)    Teams (must meet one or more criteria in this category)

  • NAIA National Championship or Finalist
  • Conference/District/Regional Championship
  • Undefeated Season
  • Major victories over superior opponents
  • Winning season against all odds

III.   Process

A)  Anyone with BU connections (current or former coach, current or former athlete, employee) may nominate a candidate/candidates

B)  Support for the nomination will be required (resume, articles, scores, stats)

C)  Candidates may not nominate themselves

D)  No candidate will be informed of their nomination as the committee will hold this in strict confidence

E)  Nominees will remain on the nomination list for three years. If after three years, the nominee has not been selected, he/she may be re-nominated for another three-year period. 

IV.   Committee Composition and Voting

A)     The Committee will be comprised of a minimum of 7 members. Recommended:

  • Athletic Director (AD)
  • Sports Information Director (SID)
  • Local Media Member
  • Former Athletes of the Year (1 or 2)
  • Hall of Fame (HOF) inductees (1 or 2)
  • Former Coach

B)     The AD and SID are permanent members. Other members will serve a minimum of 3 years. (If they request to remain on the Committee they will be allowed to do so with a simple majority approval from the other members.)

C)     Committee members and all HOF inductees will vote on the candidate(s) for entry into the Hall of Fame.

D)    A super majority (66%) of the committee’s votes will be required for entry into the Hall of Fame.

** An exception can be made for a former Student–Athlete who did not graduate due to 1) a need to transfer to finish their degree in a particular field (Education, Nursing, etc.) or 2) the Student-Athlete completed their eligibility at Bellevue University but because of personal circumstances did not complete their degree. In the latter case it will require a unanimous vote by the Committee for entry into the Hall of Fame.